A hearing child born to deaf adults, Michelle Goodwin's work explores both visual and auditory mediums of storytelling by emphasizing the subtleties of body language, facial expression and vocal tone.  Through visual mediums such as photography and video, Goodwin captures an unspoken narrative.

As a creative professional with an extensive background in communication, Goodwin offers creative services that range from digital marketing to digital content production, spanning multiple mediums like social media marketing, web design, graphic design, photography and video.

Goodwin is actively involved in the local Philadelphia music scene; booking, promoting and documenting live performances.

All creative services are available for hire.

Email michellerosegoodwin@gmail.com





A graduate of Multimedia Studies (University of The Arts), Goodwin's senior thesis explored the dynamic of her own bi-cultural family:

'As a hearing child raised by deaf adults, I grew up telling stories. An environment dependent on visual communication, the deaf culture utilizes the entire human form as a means of communication. Communicating visually since birth, body language, facial expressions and eye contact dictate my perspective of the world.

As an adult living in both societies, the cultural divide of the hearing and deaf communities in America serves as a platform for my exploration in human interaction. Focusing on human interaction in both social and private atmospheres, my work experiments with narrowing cultural gaps and barriers. By manipulating perception with sensory experiences, I tell the story of a world in sync, free from the confines of social normalcy.'

In addition to producing creative work, Goodwin also teaches weekly American Sign Language classes to hearing children and their parents in the Philadelphia Area. Private Tutoring is available.

Goodwin practices and resides in Philadelphia, PA.

To contact, email michellerosegoodwin@gmail.com