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Developing Formative Assessment Tools and Routines for Additive Reasoning

NSF Awards: 1620888

This video highlights an early stage design and development project focused on translating research into tools and routines that K-2 teachers can use to formatively assess and respond to student thinking in relation to research-based learning trajectories in early number, addition and subtraction. The tools include: 1) a framework designed for teachers that includes problem contexts and structures as well as learning progressions illustrating student strategies along a continuum of understanding 2) a bank of formative assessment items and pre-assessments that teachers can use to quickly collect evidence of student thinking in relation to core concepts in order to inform instruction on an ongoing basis, and 3) professional development for teachers, teacher leaders and OGAP trainers on the underlying research on the development of number and operations and the analysis of formative assessment items to improve instruction. The video illustrates how these tools are being used by teachers in classrooms across the country to inform and target instruction to the needs of diverse learners.